WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Show as you like -Vookbar Cyber Pro support for Custom Wallpaper via Bluetooth and WEARINOS App 

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Cyber Pro is Bluetooth-connected, WEARINOS APP-controlled disposable with a 2.01 inches  touch screen combines innovative and practical features. Users could change the wallpaper of Cyber Pro via WEARINOS APP at phone anywhere anytime. Cyber Pro could provide up to 20,000 puffs, has a built-in 22ML 5% Nic Salt e-liquid, and is available for 20 flavors. It can also switch between POWER mode and NORM mode, bringing a new kind of vaping experience for users.


What makes Cyber Pro disposable stand out? Let' s find out together below.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Scroll it down the homepage of Cyber Pro, the menu has Bluetooth icon. Touch it and Bluetooth connectivity would be available. Then Cyber Pro would link to your phone via Bluetooth. 

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Interaction with WEARINOS APP

Users could download the WEARINOS APP by scanning the QR code from the homepage of Cyber Pro. Besides, WEARINOS APP could be download from Google Play or Apple Store as well. As long as WEARINOS APP kept in user`s phone,users could control Cyber Pro from WEARINOS app to make function real such as custom wallpaper and far distance control selfie mode also motion tracking. 

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Custom Wallpaper

Users could change the wallpaper of Cyber Pro via WEARINOS APP. Or select wallpaper for Cyber Pro from menu. Custom wallpaper is easy and welcome by most users. Users love this kind of function cause it bring more excitement for them. Users could recognized the Cyber Pro belong to them easily according to the custom wallpaper they set.  

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Far Control Selfie Mode

Leave your phone in the place that are safe, and take Cyber Pro to the place you wanna keep selfie. Press the camera button on Cyber Pro at the time you wanna keep as selfie.Then the image would keep in your phone. 

Relax Game 

The funny game is preinstalled in Cyber Pro and users could scroll right side of Cyber Pro to get it start. Users could share with their friends and see who could get the highest scores.

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Multiple Sports Modes 

NO matter running or walking, users would like to keep all records in mind to hep them build good body shape. Cyber Pro had motions tracking function preinstalled, press the button and start to track the motions of yourself. 


Cyber Pro offers 20 flavors, each flavor could well restore the sweetness of the fruit taste.

Users could pick up the flavor they fancy and try from below list.

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Design and Quality

The square shape design makes the Cyber Pro easy to hold in users hand or place on the table.

And the gradient color appearance of Cyber Pro get users warmly welcome.


Cyber Pro come with 2.01 inches screen and has pre-install software to support multi-functions works. Engineers test and revised Cyber Pro and software more than 100 times to have them work smooth and stable.

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Among the many same same disposable vape products, the Cyber Pro stands out from its peers for its unforgettable performance and great flavors.


The mega touch screen, Bluetooth connect and WEARINOS APP control make Cyber Pro had many charming functions wait for users to explore and try. Cyber Pro would definitely make both vape starters and veterans had desire to buy and try it.